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Wrong Turn – Great Trip

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Oregon a few times. Each time we have taken back road trips where we didn’t know where we were going and sure enough, they were all fun. Well, we were sitting at home and decided we were tired of watching the non-stop … Read More

Danger – Beautiful Scenery At Every Turn

You know, it is very dangerous being a photographer or traveler for that matter, on the Oregon Coast. While Mary (my Wife) and I were over on the Oregon Coast, we couldn’t help but turn our heads toward the ocean. It’s as if every curve has a whole new captivating … Read More

No Photo Destination In Mind

There is no telling what photo you will find when you grab your camera and head out with no destination in mind (or at least no definite destination). Living in Southern Oregon is a photographers dream. With our 4×4 Jeep, we have even more opportunities to get off the beaten … Read More

Peace and Quiet at Jack Stone’s Barn, Hanford California

All around you are people and cars rushing to get somewhere. When the closest mountain stream is three-plus hours away, it is refreshing to find solitude in an unlikely place. Jack Stone’s Barn, near Hanford, California is just such a place. While it is private property, the owners allow people … Read More

Bird Nest In An Army Tank

I had to laugh… while my wife (Mary) and I were traveling from Florida to California across I-10, we stopped at Chiriaco Summit in the California desert to stretch our legs.  Being retired from the Army, I couldn’t help but notice the Patton Museum with all of their old tanks … Read More

Story: Falling Waters State Park, FL

Falling Waters State Park is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Huge trees and fern-covered sinkholes line Sink Hole Trail, the boardwalk that leads visitors to Florida’s highest waterfall. No matter if you want to camp for a while or see interesting things for the day, this park is … Read More

Panama City Beach – The Rest Of The Story

Panama City Beach – The Rest of the Story Story & Photos By: David Crockett Imagine a two week vacation on the white sandy beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida.  The waves gently rolling in from the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf, the finest seafood to tantalize your pallet, … Read More

Story: Vacation without a destination

Warning: The following may be habit forming and alter your normal vacation techniques. This is not for the inhibited or conventional vacationer. Extreme facial distortion due to excessive smiling and laughing is one of many symptoms you may experience. For many, planning the perfect vacation may start weeks or even … Read More

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