Danger – Beautiful Scenery At Every Turn

Southern Oregon Coast - David Crockett Photography
Southern Oregon Coast – David Crockett Photography

You know, it is very dangerous being a photographer or traveler for that matter, on the Oregon Coast. While Mary (my Wife) and I were over on the Oregon Coast, we couldn’t help but turn our heads toward the ocean. It’s as if every curve has a whole new captivating scene. It is all we could do to not stop in the middle of Hwy 101.

If that wasn’t enough, our campsite in Harris Beach State Park – Brookings, Oregon, overlooked the ocean. In other words, with the exception of one day, we had awesome sunrises and sunsets.

This brings me to a very important point: be prepared. Sometimes you can’t know what you will find, but you can be prepared when you find it.

For instance, I would never had gotten the sunset images if I didn’t have a tripod. I have a lightweight tripod I try to keep in our car at all times. It is small but sturdy. It is also light enough to carry up and down hills should I get energetic and the light is right. It is most certainly worth keeping a tripod handy.

Another thing I do is keep my camera on full auto! Let me just say, I prefer manual but I do set it in auto for traveling. Think about it: you’re driving along and that once in a lifetime event is happening right in front of you. In auto, you can grab your camera, take a shot, then start working in your preferred setting.

Another thing I like to do is keep a wide angle zoom on my camera. I know with a wide angle, I can get what I want… somehow! with a telephoto I may not be able to get all of my subject in the shot.

Finally – keep your camera handy. If the camera is in the far back of your vehicle or somewhere you will have a hard time getting to it, again. you could miss your shot.

So, there you go… a few photos from the Southern Oregon Coast and a few thoughts to go with them.

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