Dog On The Run – In A Pet Store

It’s a funny thing when you are photographing pets… they just seem to have a mind of their own! Even the best trained, most polite dog can suddenly do something nobody expects.

I was photographing mini-sessions in a pet store and was about halfway through the day. Everything was going smoothly and on time (that alone is worth writing about). In walks this little dog with her owner and they strolled up and took their place. Fifi (not her real name) could have been a model for a television show, she was minding so well.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I saw her eyes change… she was getting very excited about something. I quickly disconnected the studio lights from my camera and right about then, Fifi jumped down and took off through the store… she was going shopping!

The owner was embarrassed, the people watching were giggling (or downright laughing), and everyone thought I had lost my mind when I took off after her – photographing throughout the store. Fifi and I had a blast while everyone just stood there and watched. In fact, we got some great candid shots along the way.

So here’s my tip to you… when you are photographing your pet and think everything is going just right… be prepared…