Dramatic Sky

Beatiful double rainbow in Chiloquin, Oregon
Beatiful double rainbow in Chiloquin, Oregon

One of the most important things you can do in photography is, be prepared! You never know when a dramatic image will present itself so having your camera handy where you can grab it and shoot is very important.

So what prompts me to write this? Weather in the mountains can be dramatic and exciting. Two nights ago, the scene was spectacular: brilliant orange sky, well over 200 huge flashes of lightning per hour, and of all things, a bright and colorful rainbow. I mean, everything lined up perfectly. In fact, everything remained long enough that I could have grabbed my camera and caught it all. Instead, I made excuses. I didn’t follow my own advice.

I told myself that the weather is changing so quickly that by the time I get back, the scene will be gone. The longer I sat and watched, the more frustrated I got with myself. Then I started making excuses… some scenes aren’t meant to be photographed… rather, they are meant to be recalled from memory… Okay, I didn’t and don’t believe that but it sounded good at the time.

Last night, a few colorful clouds, a little bit of orange sky, and a few weak lightning bolts. Take it from me, as you relax at home thinking about everything except photography, have your camera ready to shoot at a moments notice. The worst that will happen is you will be prepared when you go out on a shoot… on the other hand, you may capture the most spectacular scene you have ever scene.

Here are some photos from day two… you know… the not so spectacular day…

A Few More Dramatic Sky Images