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I know most publishers & editors want to know where the images and stories they use have been published. Stories and photos on this site are Rights Managed (RM) and available for publication with written permission. We try to offer all of the tools you need to select the stories and images you desire or reasonable ways to attain them.

Why Use Me?

There is a bird in the barrel of this Army tank!
There is a bird in the barrel of this Army tank!

Having been a military photographer / photojournalist for NATO and a number of newspapers, I am very aware of the time crunch you are under. I have held editor positions so know how to work without much supervision. My point: I can follow instructions, work in a timely manner, and do not waste your time or money with unnecessary contact and small talk.

Finally, I will always be upfront and honest with you. I won’t try and sneak charges in, or promise I can do something when I’m not sure I can.


 We show you where we are going and what we are doing so you can request images and stories with ease. If you have a need in the area we are in, we may be able to shoot or write on speculation. For more control, we are available for assignments.

Should you have a publishing need that we can cover en-route to a location, or with a slight detour (say 100 miles or so), let us know so we can help.

The Editorial Newsletter

We do not swamp you with useless information. The weekly editorial newsletter is only sent if there is something new and useful.


I am not out to nickle & dime you to death. If I am in or on my way to an area and you need photos or stories from that area, or anywhere along the route we are taking, let me know. I will often do these on speculation. In fact, I may even alter my plans to meet your needs as long as I am not on an assignment.

licensing need, or any other questions.

Important Note: You are safe to share your information with us.  We will not add you to any mailing list (unless you ask us specifically to add you to the publishers newsletter) or share your info with others.

Style of our Stock:  You should be aware, we rarely stage our stock photos.  What you will find are real people in real situations doing what ever real people do.

You will find some of our work on for immediate download.

Stock Photo Gallery

  I offer a wide range of stock photos for your convenience. I keep careful track of where and how they are used so I can share that information with you. I am sure it is important to you that you not use a photo that a competitor may be using at the same time.

This is not an exhaustive database of images so please, let us know what your needs are.

About the Order Form: When you are viewing our gallery, the link to the “Info/Image Request” form will open a separate page. This is convenient in that you are able to switch between pages and easily add multiple file numbers.

Ordering images: The images in our stock photo galleries are available for editorial use and in some cases commercial.  You may contact me via email or the request form if you have a specific size requirement.

Find The Image You Need: In many cases, an image will fit in multiple categories. I recommend you use the search function from the main page of the gallery. This will search everything for your keywords.


I am available for assignments anywhere in the U.S. When you are wanting more control over the stories and photos you receive, assignments are a great way to go.