About usMy name is David Crockett (and yes, I do have a coon skinned cap) and my wife is Mary.  We are full-time photographers living in South-Central Oregon. In the Army, I was a combat photographer for 20-years and put those photo skills to work when I retired in 1994. 

About Our Pet Photography

Mary and I both love every kind of animal and have owned many of them. It only made sense that when we started our photography business, we would work with animals. For more than 20-years now, we have been photographing dogs, cats, farm animals of every kind, horses, snakes, birds, and believe it or not, fish in a fish tank! We can shoot at about any location you like.

For pet businesses such as Vet Clinics, pet stores, groomers, and others, we set up a portable studio at your location and offer portraits to your clients. They see it as a great service you are offering them and you get to have your clients in your establishment multiple times.  We are unique in that we shoot and download the photos to a laptop immediately so they can see and order on the spot. Then we have an online gallery for them in case they want more or to show their friends and family.

About Our Fine Art Photography

We live in a beautiful part of Oregon where we can’t help shooting the spectacular scenery. On top of that, we travel to locations around the country with the intent of capturing images of every kind that  we and you would love to have on our walls. We offer museum quality, archival prints and gallery wraps that are meant to last in excess of 100-years.

About Our Travel Photography

I think it is funny how many of our (American) photographers travel all over the world while many of their photographers come here to photograph. In many cases, encyclopedias compare the sizes of other countries to our states. As a result, we are focused on traveling and photographing the U.S.  We look for those unique, out-of-the-way places that are so fun to visit, and yet we also visit more mainstream locations. It is our hope to inspire you to go out and see all of the awesome things and cultures the United States has to offer. Best of all – they may be right down the street from you. You won’t have to get on an airplane, won’t have to have TSA patting you down and getting over friendly, and you won’t have to show a passport… after all… this is home.


Thank You For Your Time

David and Mary Crockett