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The images on this site are available for One Time Use Only. Additional licenses are available upon request and written agreement. Our standard One Time Use license permits you to use the purchased media in one design through the terms described below. Our One Time Use License Subject to the restrictions … Read More

Print – Gift Item Prices

Portrait Print and Gift Prices Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Standard Prints Metal Prints Gallery Wraps Gifts 4 – Wallets = $10.00 1 – 5×7 Float = $37.00 1 – 8×12 Wrap = $95.00 Mouse Pad = $12.00 8 – Wallets = $20.00 1 – 8×12 Float … Read More

Pet Portrait Parties at Your Location
Pet Portrait Parties – Your Location

Pet Portrait Parties At Your Location Pet portrait parties are an awesome way for you to invite friends who want portraits of their pets over (or wherever) with their pets and have a lot of fun. Maybe you have a BBQ, a pitch-in, or just spend a little time together. … Read More

Days of Fun Pet Portraits Sessions
Days of Fun Pet Portraits Sessions

Days of Fun Pet Portrait Sessions Why do we call these pet portrait sessions, “Days of Fun?” Simply put, everyone has a good time… you, your pets, and us. If that’s not enough, you get professional images of your pet that you can enjoy for a lifetime at a percentage … Read More

Pet Businesses & Events Photography

Pet Businesses – Pet Portraits For Your Clients We specialize in making your clients happy! No matter if you are a pet store, groomer, animal hospital, or animal rescue; if you are any business or nonprofit related to the pet industry, you can offer your clients a photo session that … Read More

Pet Session Pricing

Pet Session Pricing Our pet session pricing is really pretty simple. We take the information you provide and block off enough time to exceed your expectations. What we don’t do is give you multiple options in hopes of fitting your wants and desires into a small space. Our goal is … Read More

Whisper, the McCloud California Mercantile mascot stands guard in the store, waiting for the next customer to pet her.
Dog On The Run – In A Pet Store

It’s a funny thing when you are photographing pets… they just seem to have a mind of their own! Even the best trained, most polite dog can suddenly do something nobody expects. I was photographing mini-sessions in a pet store and was about halfway through the day. Everything was going … Read More

Day of Fun Sessions – Collier Park
When: August 25, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Where: Collier State Park Logging Museum, Spring Creek Day Use Area, Highway 97, Oregon

It’s a Day of Fun for you and your pets at Collier Park Day Use Area behind the logging museum on Highway 97 North of Chiloquin, Oregon. There is a day use area on Hwy 97 and across the street is the logging museum… you want to turn toward the … Read More

Best Camera For Travel

Ansel Adams once set out to prove it is not the camera that makes the great photos, it is the one taking the picture. He did a whole series of photos with a Polaroid camera (if you don’t know what that is – look it up) and they were spectacular. … Read More

This Dalmatian is posing for a glamour shot!
Wrong Turn – Great Trip

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Oregon a few times. Each time we have taken back road trips where we didn’t know where we were going and sure enough, they were all fun. Well, we were sitting at home and decided we were tired of watching the non-stop … Read More

Sunset over the Brookings, Oregon Pacific Coast
Danger – Beautiful Scenery At Every Turn

You know, it is very dangerous being a photographer or traveler for that matter, on the Oregon Coast. While Mary (my Wife) and I were over on the Oregon Coast, we couldn’t help but turn our heads toward the ocean. It’s as if every curve has a whole new captivating … Read More

Travel The United States
When: March 1, 2018 – May 1, 2018 all-day
Where: United States

This is an exciting trip for us. We will load the dogs and camping gear and head out for a circuit around America. Our goal is to photograph and tell stories of unique and exciting places. Itinerary – Very flexible. As we get closer we will give a better time … Read More

Travel Bend Oregon
When: January 4, 2018 – January 6, 2018 all-day
Where: Bend Oregon

We will be traveling from Chiloquin, OR to Bend, OR to see what is interesting in the area. We will be photographing the area as well as writing travel stories. We are available for assignments and are flexible in time and dates.

Orange Sky
Dramatic Sky

One of the most important things you can do in photography is, be prepared! You never know when a dramatic image will present itself so having your camera handy where you can grab it and shoot is very important. So what prompts me to write this? Weather in the mountains … Read More

Swing in the trees - David Crockett Photography
Photographing For Your Health

Photography is many things to many people. It can be a hobby, a full or part time business, a way to preserve memories, and more. However, photography can also be for your health! Think about it, photography gets you out of your house and into situations you choose to be … Read More

Goats crowded in thir pen playing and eating
Goats – Full of Fun and Curiosity

While visiting a farm with pigs, horses, sheep, a Brahma Bull, and yes – goats. I learned that the goats are fun loving and curious. In fact, with all of these other animals, I couldn’t take my attention off of those goats. I finally gave up and just started photographing … Read More

Lagoon at Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site
No Photo Destination In Mind

There is no telling what photo you will find when you grab your camera and head out with no destination in mind (or at least no definite destination). Living in Southern Oregon is a photographers dream. With our 4×4 Jeep, we have even more opportunities to get off the beaten … Read More