Days of Fun Pet Portraits Sessions

Days of Fun Pet Portrait Sessions

Why do we call these pet portrait sessions, “Days of Fun?” Simply put, everyone has a good time… you, your pets, and us. If that’s not enough, you get professional images of your pet that you can enjoy for a lifetime at a percentage of a normal pet session fee.

What is Days of Fun Pet Portrait Sessions?
We plan a day of activities at various locations around the area (in some cases as far North as Washington and as far South as California). These activities can be as simple as the pets playing together to as complex as a social BBQ! During this time, we photograph the pets and their people playing and having a good time and make those images available to you. In most cases, we will even offer more formal portraits to those who request them.

Cost and Locations
As you look through our site, you will notice that we do not try and hide the price of things. However, we can’t say here how much any one event will cost. It all depends on where we are and what we are doing. For instance: A session fee for a BBQ event would obviously cost more than a day at the dog park or even a snow park! We will schedule them in our events calendar and it will include prices and all we will be doing. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter – we always keep you informed.