Pet Businesses – Pet Portraits For Your Clients

We specialize in making your clients happy! No matter if you are a pet store, groomer, animal hospital, or animal rescue; if you are any business or nonprofit related to the pet industry, you can offer your clients a photo session that we guarantee they will be happy with. We know this because we show them their images right on the spot. If we didn’t capture their pets personality, we will continue shooting till they are absolutely thrilled.

Pet Businesses: Benefits of Working With Us
There are many benefits to working with us for your business and your clients. First, we know that your reputation will often be measured by how we do our job. We take that very seriously. Our reputation is at stake also. Your clients will see that you want to offer them a high quality service that they might not otherwise get. Your clients are in your establishment numerous times. Often, customers want their pets groomed before their session. In many cases, special pet clothes and toys are bought from stores.. The list goes on…

The one thing your clients won’t get is high pressure sales. In fact, if we see they are ordering prints where we have a package that will lower their price – we will tell them.

Pet Events
Everything mentioned above applies to you, too. The main difference is the pet owners have the option of reserving a time or just walking up and having us photograph them. Session appointments will always take priority.

Create Your Own Program
If you have ideas that you want to try – we are always open to them. Give us a call – lets see what we can do together.

How It Works
Step one: let’s set a date that you would like to offer pet portraits to your clients. Seasonal portraits should be done as early as possible so we can get their orders to them in time.
Step Two: Advertise… we will send you flyers to place in your location. We will advertise on our sites (stressing your business – not ours) We suggest you send emails to your clients as well.
Step Three: We, or you if you prefer, will send press releases to newspapers, news stations, and radio stations for a public service announcement.
Step four: Sign up clients on a scheduling sheet at your location or we can schedule them via the internet on our site. There is a $25 session fee at the time of registration. We found this helps get them to their session instead of them not showing up.
Step Five: You or we will give them a reminder call a day or two before their session.
Step Six: The day of the shoot, we photograph your clients and optionally show them the images on the spot and allow them to order (prints are pre-discounted when they order at your location)..
Step Seven: We deliver the final orders to you to distribute (this gets them back in your door and they remember it was you that provided this wonderful opportunity.
Final Step: We will ask you how we did and what we can do to improve our service to you and your clients. We always strive to be better.

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