Pet Portrait Parties at the location of your choice.

Pet Portrait Parties At Your Location

Pet portrait parties are an awesome way for you to invite friends who want portraits of their pets over (or wherever) with their pets and have a lot of fun. Maybe you have a BBQ, a pitch-in, or just spend a little time together. We will come with our portable studio and photograph the pets and their owners (if they want to be in the pictures) and show the images right on the spot.

Why Pet Portrait Parties?
First, it is a chance for you to get together with your friends. Next, it is a chance for you and your friends to have their pets (and themselves if they desire) to have professional portraits made at a fraction of the cost. And FUN… oh my gosh… as you watch each other being photographed and you share in the viewing and ordering process, you can’t help but laugh, tease, ooohhh, and ahhhh… In other words, everyone enjoys themselves.

How Does It Work?
It is pretty easy to hold a pet portrait party. You tell us that you want to have a party, and we set a date. You find four or more friends to come to your party and have their pets photographed. We show them the photos right on the spot and they place their orders. We also include an online gallery where they can have friends and family view and order. In about two weeks, I bring the photos to you to give back to your friends.

What Do You Get For Your Part In This?
Besides the thanks from your friends for thinking of them, we know that you are putting work into this and we want to show you that we appreciate your work. Therefore, you will not pay a session fee and we want you to have 1-8×10, 2-5x7s, and 4-wallet prints on us. Also, should you want to order additional prints, we want to give you 15% off of your order.

What Do We Consider A Pet?
We have photographed everything from horses and goats to snakes and birds… and everything in between. So, I guess the only limit we would put on the pets is whatever you would allow in your home or the location you have chosen. Our main focus is to make sure we capture the personality of the animal (or reptile) to the point the owner says, “You did it!”

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