Two white German Shepherds
Two white German Shepherds

Private pet sessions are a fantastic way for you to get the photographs you are looking for of your pets and family! Yes, you have the option to be included with your pets. No matter if you are looking for environmental photos of your pets or more formal portraits, we can do it at your choice of locations.

What To Expect

Our goal is to exceed your expectations – it’s that simple. We love animals and have been doing this a long time (since 1995). We know how to anticipate what an animal is going to do and stay prepared for the unexpected so you get those fantastic photos that say, “This is my pet’s personality.”

If your preference is an environmental setting, we will meet at your location and I will spend some time playing with your pet and letting them get used to me. I want them as relaxed as possible. As we begin to shoot, I will photograph your pet in all kinds of available settings. I pay very close attention to what your pet likes to do – and then we do it! Besides play, we also set up environmental portraits. This is when the pet is in a more formal setting in the outdoors.

If your preference is a more formal portrait of your pets, we come to your location with studio lights and backgrounds. Again, we spend some time with your pets before we begin shooting so they can get used to us and our equipment. We want your pet to enjoy this as much as we do. Keep in mind, our preference is to use plain white, black or gray backgrounds with little or no props. We never want to distract from who your pet really is.

A third option is a little more complex and time consuming… we can do both formal and informal photographs. We bring a small generator to run our lights and set up a background and posing table. Once we are done photographing the formal part of the session, the pets and I go play for a while (taking pictures along the way). We do the formal part first because, like children, there is no telling what we will get into.

Once we are done with the photo session, we go back and begin the editing process and prepare the images for your viewing and ordering.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy. The first thing to do is complete the session request form, email me, or call us so we can reserve your dates and time. We will reserve the date and time and make arrangements to meet or discuss everything via the phone. Once we conclude we can do everything you want us to do, we will send you an email with a link to pay your reservation deposit with a credit card or include the information to send a check. If you are in our local area and we are meeting in person, you can pay your deposit at that time which locks everything in for you.

At our meeting or phone call, we will discuss where you want to photograph, the kind of photos you are looking for, and a lot about your pets personality. We will also want to know the breeds of your pets and whether you will be in the photos also.

The next time we meet will be at your location for your photo session where we will photograph your pets (and you if you choose). We have to be a little vague here because we often let your pet dictate the event. We spend as much time and shoot as many frames as we need to in order to offer you the widest variety of choices.

Once we have completed your session, we go through all of the images and post process each photo. We remove leashes, color correct, and in some cases, eliminate images that may not have turned out due to motion blur, or any number of reasons.

Finally, we upload the images to your private, password protected gallery where you can order prints, gifts, and more. Alternatively, we will come to you and consult on the perfect images and sizes to create the perfect display for your home or office. And just so you know, we do not hard-sell anything… we just don’t believe in it.

Special Note: If you do not see the print size or style you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. The prices we display are the most commonly ordered.