Photographing For Your Health

Swing in the trees - David Crockett Photography
Swing in the trees – David Crockett Photography

Photography is many things to many people. It can be a hobby, a full or part time business, a way to preserve memories, and more. However, photography can also be for your health! Think about it, photography gets you out of your house and into situations you choose to be in. In those situations, your soul is stimulated and your health increases.

Take nature and landscapes as an example. When I mention getting out, this is what most people think of. In fact, many photographers will go into nature just to focus on what they love. The more you focus on your subject, the deeper you can get. Pretty soon, you are seeing things you had never seen before.  You are going beyond the overall pictures and seeing the pictures inside the pictures. You are taking scenes apart.

This is very healthy. As you focus on things you love, you reduce your stress. As you reduce your stress, you increase your health. As you increase your health, the obvious outcome is, you feel better.  An added benefit, you can make prints and hang them on your walls; thereby, surrounding yourself with the very images that reduce your stress levels.

If you have been to a hospital recently, you will notice they are lining their walls with photographs so their patience will feel more calm and to promote healing.

The bottom line: whether you photograph the images or you get your photo prints from a photographer, gallery. or anywhere else, photography is a way for you to increase your health and lower your stress.

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