Wrong Turn – Great Trip

This Dalmatian is posing for a glamour shot!
Prospect Historic Hotel & Motel in Prospect, Oregon

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Oregon a few times. Each time we have taken back road trips where we didn’t know where we were going and sure enough, they were all fun. Well, we were sitting at home and decided we were tired of watching the non-stop President Trump bashing on the news so decided to take a drive. As we live about 35-miles from Crater Lake, we figured we would take a drive around the rim (this is the second time we were going to do this… and didn’t make it).

As we were going up the mountain, I saw the two vehicles ahead of us turn right and thought, Great, the road is clear. As I approached the turn, I saw the sign… Crater Lake! I missed it. I could turn around and go back. But, what the heck, we haven’t been down this road (Hwy 62). I knew it came out in White City, but didn’t know what to expect between Crater Lake and there.

Oh my gosh, it was a pretty drive. And, while I had heard of the Rogue River Gorge, I had never seen it. Sure enough, it was on this road. In fact, we turned into a day use area and there it was! All we had to do is follow the path and be amazed. The water moves so fast, according to the sign, it can fill an Olympic size pool every minute.

Okay, so we went this far, we might as well continue down to Prospect, Oregon. This is winter… I didn’t see a single person. However, the Prospect Historic Motel (Bed and Breakfast) had some interesting things to look at (and photograph).

So what is the point of all of this? Simple, a wrong turn can lead to some spectacular scenery and points of interest. Be prepared for anything, you just don’t know what you may come across.

A Few More Photos