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Hi, my name is David Crockett… it really is!  I have been a photographer, photojournalist, video shooter and editor, as well as instructor in broadcasting.

I joined the U.S. Army in 1974 as a combat photographer and spent my first 15 years as a military combat photographer. Six of those years I was a photographer and photojournalist for NATO. From there, I moved into broadcasting where I worked in television videoing every kind of situation. Finally, I became a military broadcast instructor where I taught television production and ENG operations and techniques. At last, I retired from the military but continued working in photography and video.

I told you this so you can understand why I am so diverse and capable of handling just about any situation.

Upon retirement, I continued with my own photography and video business, covering unique travel locations and out of the way places that are fun to visit as well as landscape and scenic photography and videography. I also offer some business and corporate services for advertising and promotion purposes.

I have set a goal for myself that no matter what I am photographing or who I am shooting for, I will exceed their expectations.

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