Hi, my name is David Crockett… it really is!  I have been a photographer, photojournalist, video shooter and editor, as well as instructor in broadcasting.

I joined the U.S. Army in 1974 as a combat photographer and spent my first 15 years as a military combat photographer. Six of those years I was a photographer and photojournalist for NATO. From there, I moved into broadcasting where I worked in television videoing every kind of situation. Finally, I became a military broadcast instructor where I taught television production and ENG operations and techniques. At last, I retired from the military but continued working in photography and video.

I told you this so you can understand why I am so diverse and capable of handling just about any situation.

Upon retirement, I continued with my own photography and video business, covering everything from pet and family portraits to weddings to commercial services. I have set a goal for myself that no matter what I am photographing or who I am shooting for, I will exceed their expectations.